Photo Request

Doris extends her thanks to all her fans who write and send greetings from around the world.  While she is happy to sign photos for her fans, please understand that she receives a tremendous volume of mail and requests.  Responses may take up to 10 weeks, and are not guaranteed, as it's not possible for her to respond to everyone.  In fairness to all, please do not request more than ONE autograph.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND PERSONAL MEMORABILIA TO BE SIGNED.

US REQUESTS:  When requesting an autographed photo, please supply an 8.5" x 11”, self-addressed, postage-paid envelope.  If you would like to include a small donation to the Doris Day Animal Foundation with your request, it would be gratefully received.

INTERNATIONAL REQUESTS:  Please enclose FIVE CURRENT international postal coupons, along with your request and self-addressed envelope.  Should you not be able to obtain postal coupons from your local post office, you may make a minimum $15 USD donation to cover international postage/handling via the Doris Day Animal Foundation website,  Simply include a copy of your donation acknowledgment email with your request for reference. 

Please send requests to:

DORIS DAY ANIMAL FOUNDATION, 8033 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 845, Los Angeles, CA  90046, USA