October 24, 2016

DDAF Supports Military Working Dogs

The Doris Day Animal Foundation recently donated funds to help complete a sculpture commemorating America’s Military Working Dogs.  The sculpture, which was installed at the Jack Jameson Memorial Park in Sedona, Ariz., was created by renowned dog sculptor, Lena Toritch of Young Fine Art Studio.

Doris Day was proud to be a part of the effort to recognize these loyal service members. “Our military has long known that dogs provide excellent support for our troops,” Ms. Day said. “Military working dogs are brave beyond measure, and will lay down their lives for their platoon. They deserve recognition for their service, just like all veterans do.”

The sculpture’s “twin” will be unveiled at Luke Air Force Base in Spring 2107, where it will honor the base’s own Military Working Dog, “Chrach." Chrach was the model and inspiration for the sculpture.  During his tours to Afghanistan MWD, Chrach was attached to Army Special Forces and multiple Army Infantry units.  During these assignments Chrach and his handler would lead their missions looking for explosive ordinance devices.  Chrach has been awarded the bronze star medal and combat action medal for locating five separate improvised explosive devices totaling more than 170 pounds, and recovering 50 blasting caps that could have been used to make IEDs.  Chrach has also been awarded the 12th Annual Animal Hero Award.  He has not only saved the lives of many soldiers but he has touched the hearts of many people in the local community demonstrating the capabilities of police dogs and their handlers. 

He is now retired, having been granted medical release from Active Duty.  He how lives in Prescott, Ariz., with his first handler, and he has been invited attend the unveiling and ceremony.

DDAF honors all of our K9 Military Working Dogs and supports U.S. War Dogs in its efforts to secure loving forever homes for our four-legged veterans.