June 11, 2013

Doris Day is Featured Guest on SiriusXM Radio’s “Nancy for Frank” June 23

Carmel, Calif. – Frank Sinatra and Doris Day shared a history in motion pictures and song, and on June 23, SiriusXM Radio’s “Nancy for Frank” pays tribute to their collaborations and individual talents in a 3-hour program featuring Nancy Sinatra’s interview with Doris Day.

“It’s the biggest and best show we’ve done,” Sinatra said of the upcoming broadcast.  The show will feature a number of songs recorded by both Mr. Sinatra and Ms. Day, played back-to-back. Pairing the renditions this way will allow listeners to compare the unique interpretations each performer brought to the song.  When asked how the songs were selected, Ms. Sinatra said, “It wasn’t easy because I love all of her music … We have enough for four shows and have to edit down to two. All of her recordings are marvelous.”

“Nancy is a doll, and we had so much to talk about,” Ms. Day said shortly after the interview was completed.  “Her dad and I both loved our work, and we truly enjoyed working together – I just wish we’d worked together more!”  Ms. Sinatra in Rancho Mirage, and Ms. Day in Carmel, recorded their interview via phone patch through SiriusXM’s New York studio.  The interview lasted more than an hour, and selected stories and chat will be featured among the musical interludes during the two-hour program.

Ms. Sinatra has been a longtime fan of Day’s, citing “Pillow Talk” as her favorite film and Day’s rendition of “The Way We Were,” from her 1975 CBS television special “Doris Day Today” among her favorite of Day’s performances.

“These shows will go down in history, of that I'm certain,” Ms. Sinatra recently posted to her blog. “And I can't wait for them to air so you can all hear how lovely the lady is. She really hasn't changed at all.”

The Doris Day interview with Nancy Sinatra will first air on “Nancy for Frank” on SiriusXM Radio’s  Siriusly Sinatra Channel 71, Sunday June 23 from 5-8pm ET.  The program will be rebroadcast the following Tuesday, June 25, at 3pm ET and Thursday, June 27,  at 9pm ET.

Fans who are not current subscribers to SiriusXM, but who would like to hear these interviews, can sign up for a free online trial at http://www.siriusxm.com/freetrial.